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IPL 2022 Schedule, Time Table, Venue, Team List, Points Table

IPL 2022 Schedule, Date, IPL 2022 Time Table, Venue, IPL 2022 Team List, Points Table You will get information about all these in this post, we keep updating here about IPL 2022 Schedule, so you read this post completely.

IPL 2022 Schedule/Date and Time: When will the Indian Premier League 2022 start, it has been told that the match of IPL 2022 is going to start from 2 April and run till 3 June 2022. The first match of IPL 2022, which is to start on April 2, can be played at the Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

IPL 2022 Match

IPL 2022 Starting From2 April 2022 To 3 June 2022
HostIndian Premier League
Host CountryIndia
AdministratorBoard of Control For Cricket in India (BCCI)
Match Format20 Overs (T20)
Participants Team10
Total Matches74
Winner Prize40 Crore INR

IPL 2022 Schedule

IPL 2022 Schedule/Time Table: All cricket lovers are Waiting for IPL 2022, this time IPL 2022 Match will be even more exciting because two new Teams are also going to play in it, earlier Total of 8 teams Played but this time total of 10 Teams are going to play and total 74 played T20 have to go.

The first match of April 2 is going to be between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL 2022 Schedule / Time Table is given below, you can see here in detail –

MatchesDateTime (IST)Venue
CSK  Vs  KKR02-Apr-227:30 PMChennai
SRH  Vs RR03-Apr-227:30 PMHyderabad
Ahmedabad  Vs  RCB04-Apr-227:30 PMAhmedabad
DC Vs  MI05-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
Lucknow  Vs  PBKS06-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
KKR  Vs  SRH07-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
RR  Vs DC08-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
RCB Vs  MI09-Apr-223:30 PMBangalore
Lucknow  Vs  Ahmedabad09-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
PBKS  Vs  CSK10-Apr-223:30 PMMohali
SRH  Vs  RCB10-Apr-227:30 PMHyderabad
MI  Vs  Ahmedabad11-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
DC Vs  KKR12-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
CSK  Vs  RCB13-Apr-227:30 PMChennai
SRH  Vs  PBKS14-Apr-223:30 PMHyderabad
RR  Vs  KKR14-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
Lucknow  Vs DC15-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
Ahmedabad  Vs  CSK16-Apr-223:30 PMAhmedabad
DC Vs  SRH16-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
RCB Vs RR17-Apr-223:30 PMBangalore
MI  Vs  Lucknow17-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
KKR  Vs  Ahmedabad18-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
PBKS  Vs RR19-Apr-227:30 PMMohali
MI  Vs  CSK20-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
KKR  Vs  RCB21-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
DC Vs  PBKS22-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
SRH  Vs  MI23-Apr-223:30 PMHyderabad
RR  Vs  Ahmedabad23-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
CSK  Vs  Lucknow24-Apr-223:30 PMChennai
DC Vs  RCB24-Apr-227:30 PMDelhi
Lucknow  Vs  CSK25-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
Ahmedabad  Vs  SRH26-Apr-227:30 PMAhmedabad
KKR  Vs  PBKS27-Apr-227:30 PMKolkata
RR  Vs  MI28-Apr-227:30 PMJaipur
RCB Vs  Lucknow29-Apr-227:30 PMBangalore
Ahmedabad  Vs  DC30-Apr-223:30 PMAhmedabad
MI  Vs  PBKS30-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
RR  Vs  Lucknow01-May-223:30 PMJaipur
CSK  Vs  SRH01-May-227:30 PMChennai
DC Vs  Ahmedabad02-May-227:30 PMDelhi
SRH  Vs  KKR03-May-227:30 PMHyderabad
CSK  Vs RR04-May-227:30 PMChennai
Lucknow  Vs  MI05-May-227:30 PMMumbai
Ahmedabad  Vs  KKR06-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
SRH  Vs  DC07-May-223:30 PMHyderabad
RCB Vs  PBKS07-May-227:30 PMBangalore
KKR  Vs  CSK08-May-223:30 PMKolkata
MI  Vs  DC08-May-227:30 PMMumbai
RCB Vs  Ahmedabad09-May-227:30 PMBangalore
PBKS  Vs  Lucknow10-May-227:30 PMMohali
RR  Vs  CSK11-May-227:30 PMJaipur
PBKS  Vs  MI12-May-227:30 PMMohali
SRH  Vs  Lucknow13-May-227:30 PMHyderabad
RR  Vs  RCB14-May-227:30 PMJaipur
CSK  Vs  DC15-May-223:30 PMChennai
Ahmedabad  Vs  PBKS15-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad 
MI  Vs  SRH16-May-227:30 PMMumbai
RCB Vs  KKR17-May-227:30 PMBangalore
PBKS  Vs  DC18-May-227:30 PMKolkata
Ahmedabad  Vs RR19-May-227:30 PMIndore
KKR  Vs  MI20-May-227:30 PMKolkata
Lucknow  Vs  SRH21-May-223:30 PMLucknow
PBKS  Vs  RCB21-May-227:30 PMKolkata
CSK  Vs  Ahmedabad22-May-223:30 PMChennai
Lucknow  Vs  KKR22-May-227:30 PMLucknow
MI  Vs RR23-May-227:30 PMMumbai
PBKS  Vs  SRH24-May-227:30 PMKolkata
DC Vs  Lucknow25-May-227:30 PMDelhi
RCB Vs  CSK26-May-227:30 PMBangalore
KKR  Vs RR27-May-227:30 PMKolkata
Qualifier-129-May-227:30 PMMumbai
Eliminator30-May-227:30 PMMumbai
Qualifier-2 01-Jun-227:30 PMChennai
FINAL03-Jun-227:30 PMChennai

IPL 2022 Team List

IPL 2022 Team List: As you would know that in this IPL 2 new teams are going to play i.e. a total of 10 teams will play in IPL 2022, the list of all the teams is given below.

S.NoName Of Team
1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
2.Delhi Capitals (DC)
3. Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)
4. Ahmedabad
5.Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
6. Rajasthan Royals (RR)
7. Lucknow
8. Mumbai Indians (MI)
9.Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH)
10.Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

IPL 2022 Points Table

Chennai Super Kings00000
Delhi Capitals00000
Royal Challengers Bangalore00000
Kolkata Knight Riders00000
Mumbai Indians00000
Kings XI Punjab00000
Rajasthan Royals00000
Sun Risers Hyderabad00000

IPL 2022 Auction Date and IPL Starting Date


Friends, we have given you complete information about IPL 2022 schedule, IPL 2022 Time Table, IPL 2022 Team List, and Two New Teams in this post, apart from this, if there is any update, then we will also update it here, hope you have liked this post today if you have any questions and any suggestions. you can comment below.

Q 1. Where will IPL 2022 be held?

Ans. The first match of IPL 2022, which is to start on April 2, can be played at the Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

Q 2. In which Month IPL 2022 start?

Ans. IPL 2022 will start on 2nd April and will go on till 3rd June. This year’s IPL is going to be very exciting.

Q 3. How many teams are there in IPL?

Ans. earlier Total of 8 teams Played but this time total of 10 Teams are going to play and total 74 played T20 have to go.



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